Harrod Easy Claw Net Pegs

New Innovative Design!

Harrod Easy Claw Net Pegs use our innovative claw design to hold garden netting securely in place and also make it easy to unhook the netting for access without having to remove the peg...More information

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Price: £4.95
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The netting pegs will secure any netting with a 7mm+ mesh size and can be further secured into the ground with a steel ground peg if required - available separately.

Our new claw design pegs have been designed to make securing and releasing garden netting over frames quick and simple, but the pegs will also not break if stood on, so will last a long time too.

  • Innovative design - patent pending GB1319615.9
  • Claw design holds netting securely
  • Pegs insert 15cm into the ground
  • Netting can be quickly released without removing peg
  • Flexible so will not break if stood on
  • Works on netting 7mm+ mesh size
  • Peg can be secured in the soil with steel ground pegs (available separately)
  • Supplied in packs of 10 or 20

GDN-776 Net Claw Peg Infographic

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Womens Weekly GardeningMay 2014

Whats New

Harrod Horticultural's Easy Claw (£3.45 for 10) is a device that gives quick access to netted structures. Also new is a user-friendly zip to use on fruit cages (from £12.95). Visit the Mail Order Shop at www.harrodhorticultural.com

'Which' GardeningMarch 2014

New Products - We cast an expert eye over some of the new gardening products now available and give you our verdict.

Our Verdict - These net pegs are made from tough plastic, with a flexible claw at the top that hooks onto the netting. There is a notch so they can be secured with a metal spike if needed but I found that they held firm even without it. With the net pegs in place, I could easily unhook the netting to get access to the plants underneath. I tried them with a variety of net sizes, and they worked fine with mesh sizes 7mm and up. James Robbins, researcher.

Number of Articles: 2
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