Potting-Shed-Tools-121216Now that the potting shed is clean and tidy, there is room to sit and clean our tools.  We are very fastidious at cleaning the dirt from them every time they are used, before putting them way.   This keeps tools in good condition, but we also like to give them a good dose of loving care to keep them in tip top condition.  They are sharpened, and then wiped over with linseed oil; a  really satisfying job with the radio on listening to Christmas songs.  A little time spent caring for your tools will make sure they last a lifetime.

The trees surrounding Stephanie’s kitchen garden are bare at last and the ground has defrosted following last week’s big freeze.  This means it is time to finish the big hands-and-knees leaf pick.  Every year I spend a good few days picking all of the remaining leaves from around the garden.  The rake gets most of them, but so many are caught under box hedging, in netting or down the sides of raised beds.  The garden never feels completely tidy until these have been cleared.  It’s hard on the knees, but I have a good kneeler to keep me comfortable.  And the end result always gives me great satisfaction; seeing the garden back to its full immaculate glory.