Despite the imminent onset of winter, we are still growing vegetables in Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden.  Our overwintering broad bean plants have just been planted out alongside the onion, garlic, spring cabbage, broccoli and turnips.

Greenhouse 281117

This week we will be sowing carrots and peas in the greenhouse.  Our greenhouse is insulated with bubble wrap and has a heater keeping it frost free.  We already have rocket and spinach growing in the raised bed along the back wall.  We will be sowing carrots into large pots which will hopefully crop over the coming months. 

Peas have been sown into rootrainers and we will harden them off in the cold frame once they have germinated, before planting them outside.  All being well, we will enjoy an early crop whilst waiting for the spring sowings to grow on. 

Currently we have pots of winter salads growing on the staging in the greenhouse and this week we will make another sowing to replace these plants when they have been eaten.

We will also be moving potted herbs into the greenhouse this week.  Mint, thyme and parsley pots will all be placed in the warmth to keep a supply of fresh herbs going throughout the winter for the kitchen. 

Having a heated greenhouse allows us to keep enjoying homegrown organic produce right throughout the whole year.  And it’s also a lovely warm place to work when the weather is too bad to be outside.