Well the week started with a couple of tons of farmyard manure being delivered. Most of this was to go in the kitchen garden so with wheelbarrows and spades at the ready, it was time to shovel manure. We have put about 50 barrow loads on the kitchen garden plots and the remainder has been stored to go over the flower borders at a later date. The manure has been spread over the top ground and will be left for a week or two to let the elements break it down, then will be dug into the soil. Hopefully this will provide this year’s vegetables with much needed food whilst growing.


In the greenhouse I have had added a new large heated geopod propagator and within just a few days there are already tiny carrot shoots showing. These new seedlings are really appreciating the warm base and the grow lights which have been set on a timer. I can now start sowing leeks, cabbage and broccoli. I have another propagator used as a nursery at the moment it is home to the broad beans.  We have increased the temperature in the greenhouse as the forecast is still for much colder weather ahead.


Outside presently it is 0 degrees, the ground is frozen and there is a white coating everywhere and frozen hail stones around. Occasionally a bird darts out from the hedges, all puffed up, to see what food is on offer. A reminder for us to make sure we keep the bird feeders topped up and fresh water available. I found a few cooking apples that had started to rot in store so these have been put out for the birds too and was delighted to see a redwing land if only for a short while, as the resident blackbird was not making it feel very welcome!