Here at Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden this week we will be sowing more seeds to ensure a succession of cropping throughout the season.  We will be sowing carrots, beetroot, salad leaves, beans, peas, turnips and kohl rabi. Phew! Quite a list! These will be sown in modules and grown on ready to plant out when space becomes available.

We will also begin the annual task of trimming the box hedges that edge our vegetable boarders in the Kitchen Garden. This will be carried out on a dry overcast day to prevent stress for the plants. The trimming shears are sharpened and cleaned ready for the job.  We have had box blight before in other parts of the garden so cleanliness of the tools is important to prevent it spreading.

The main job at the moment is watering and feeding the existing crops. Greenhouse crops such as tomatoes and peppers are being fed weekly with a liquid tomato feed. Outsde crops such as courgettes, squash, sweetcorn and beans are now beginning to be fed with a liquid seaweed to keep them healthy and productive throughout the season. Liquid seaweed is also being used as a weekly foliar feed for our fruit trees and bushes.

This week we will be harvesting strawberries, asparagus, broad beans, salad and spinach.