Spring-Main-150317The warmer weather has finally arrived in the Kitchen Garden and we have been enjoying some sunny spring conditions.  The rhohodendron buds are showing subtle hints of the colour that is soon to come and the weeds are beginning to grow.  A sure sign that the temperature is rising!

This week we will be planting out our broad bean plants.  We made a sowing of these in the autumn and always follow it up with a further sowing in the spring.  This year the winter plants have not fared well, which is hardly suprising given the cold winter we have had.  We have lost a few plants and a couple are looking decidedly unhealthy.  In contrast, the spring sown plants are flourishing in the cold frame and can now be planted into the ground to fill the gaps.  Intitially the plants will be protected with netting to stop the pigeons from snacking on them.  This will be removed when they begin flowering to allow the pollinating insects to do their work.

Inside the greenhouse we are continuing to pot on seedlings and young plants as they grow.  More seeds will be sown this week including courgettes and cucumbers.  Space is really at a premium now as we are packing plants onto the shelves and staging.  Any plants that can be moved to the cold frame, such as brussel sprouts or peas, will free up some much needed space.

Outside we have almost completed the digging in the main beds.  We have only the potato bed left to be dug over and this will be finished this week.  The potatoes are chitting in a cool part of the greenhouse and will be planted out at the end of the month.

The season is in full swing and signs are green appearing amongst the brown.  Growth is rapid and the gardener is busy – I love this time of year.