It was a short week due to the bank holiday so the main priority was watering as we have still no rainfall. In the kitchen garden the sprinkler was turned on and moved around the various beds during the day to give each one a good soaking.

A-Frame KG 02-06-2020As it is so warm and going to remain so for some time, it was decided to plant out the sweet potatoes. These were planted in a Metal Raised Bed with Harrod A-frame growing panels in the middle so the runners can be kept off the soil. If a runner is allowed to come into contact with the soil, they will sprout roots and then that runner will take nourishment away from the growing potatoes.

The strawberry plants are beginning to fruit and we have noticed a few turning red so a Strawberry Cage has been put over these to stop the birds getting to the fruit first.

Next week we are planning to plant out the sweetcorn, leeks and celeriac as they are all at a healthy size and have been in the cold frame for a couple of weeks now.

In the greenhouse the tomatoes are flowering and there are a few very small tomatoes starting to grow. The mini cucumber plants have already provided a few cucumbers which tasted delicious! The peppers, chillies and aubergines are growing taller and stronger with a few flowers also now appearing on the peppers.

Wednesday last week was a cloudy day so it was a great opportunity to get on with weeding and hoeing the flower beds, even though there hasn’t been any rain its amazing how weeds still continue to grow. Once done the sand stone paths where raked over, it had been very windy over the weekend and a lot of branches had been brought down.

On the soft fruit trees, peaches and nectarines are starting to grow but the plum tree looks like its struggling and seems unlikley we will get any fruit this year. In the flower beds poppies and irises are flowering and the peonies are in full bud, these grow up and through Trumpet Peony Supports.

Poppy 02-06

 Iris 02-06

We hope you have been enjoying your outside space during this beautiful weather we have been having, let's hope it continues.

Happy Gardening!