Apple-Picking-151018The runner beans and the French beans have been cut down and the foliage sent to the compost heap.  Both the pea and bean frames have been taken down and completely cleared of any plant debris and put away for another next year.

The surrounding area has been dug over and raked and will now left to to rest over the winter ready for the planting of the onions and shallots.

This week we harvested the cooking apples after doing the palm twist test (placing the apple in your palm and gently twist) if the apple comes off easily after a couple of twists it is ripe, if not leave it on for a little longer.  There was a good harvest considering the weather we've had this summer, but only a few large apples.  These were all wiped clean and checked for any stowaway bugs and then stored away safely on apple racks in a cool, dark place.

The kitchen garden has still required regular watering as we have still not had significant rainfall. Once a week we’ve had to turn on the sprinkler,s this should be enough to keep the remaining vegetables happy until we see the arrival of some of the rain the rest of the country seems to be having.

Lastly must not forget the amount of leaves, as it now seems every tree is changing for the winter and with Storm Callum helping, the wheelbarrow and rakes  are always close at hand.