A short week for workers this week but the kitchen garden continues to grow. Although, since the last heavy rain it has started to feel a little autumnal in the mornings;  a chilly and sometimes dewy start but warming up during the day.

The climbing Cobra beans are showing signs that they have finished for the year so I will be digging them up soon.  The runner beans are flowering again but what beans do grow, sadly the mice are getting to first, occasionally I find a few that haven’t been munched on.  The courgettes are still flowering but again they are slowing down.

On a good note, the sweet potatoes are growing vigorously up the pyramid obelisk they have been given.  The autumn broad beans have appreciated being tied up and are happily are flowering and beans are starting to grow.  It shall be interesting to see how they grow and taste as they are a new crop for us.  Winter squashes are growing rapidly and with the most welcome rainfall are beginning to swell in size.

The pear tree, which has been grown over the roman arch pergola was starting to look a bit wild so this has had a prune and is now looking much tidier. As there is talk of an Indian summer the plant pots will still need watering and, as the water butts have been recently refreshed, the plants can enjoy rain water again.