Garden Irrigation & Micro Irrigation

Effective & Efficient Garden Watering Solutions

  • Practical & Versatile Garden Watering Kit
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  • Adjustable Watering Systems
  • Efficient Watering, Reduced Evaporation

Garden irrigation and micro irrigation kits may be small scale and practically invisible once installed but they certainly deliver big garden watering results. Ideal for dense borders and plant-packed vegetable patches, the slimline distribution and watering pipes snake their way undetected through the plants and deliver water exactly where it’s most required – to the soil.

Evaporation is a thing of the past, the kits can be left in place permanently if desired or tailored to fit constantly rotating raised bed planting layouts; hanging baskets need not feel excluded as we’ve got kits to cater for these too and why not rig up an irrigation kit for patio planters too?

Versatile and efficient, these garden irrigation and micro irrigation kits are all you could ever want to water your garden!

Garden Irrigation & Micro Irrigation

Garden Watering Kit