Trade Portfolio & Testimonials

Since the launch of the Trade Department we have worked closely with many influential Garden Designers and Landscapers who have specified our garden structures for both domestic and commercial gardens schemes. From city gardens to country estates our products have been used in many gardens to create stunning designs. Whether it is one of our standard products such as our best selling garden arches, obelisks and pergolas or a bespoke design our products will help bring the your ideas to life.

Some examples of our projects:-

Coloured Arch Fruit Cage - Oxfordshire

A client working on a garden in Oxfordshire contacting us requesting a completely bespoke fruit cage to fit over some exisitng raised beds - with one other requirement that the cage be finished in teh same colour as the Alitex greenhouse on site that the cage was going to be situated next to. After a site visit to measure up and advise on our options our design team came up with a solution that maximised access and height, yet worked around the current layout of raised beds. We also contacted Alitex to find the correct RAL number for the paint colour of the clients's greenhouse and manufactured the fruit cage to match. 

"Harrod Horticultural provided an extremely helpful consultation and a quality product which was exactly to our requirements in a short time and at an excellent price. The result is a stylish addition of vegetable cages to our garden and their communication from start for finish was very reassuring abd indicated that we were dealing with the experts" - Lady S Jay - Oxfordshire   

Coloured Arch Fruit Cage 1Coloured Arch Fruit Cage 2Coloured Arch Fruit Cage 3

City Garden - Kings Landscapes

Our Roman Arches and Roman Rose Crown structures were recentlyused in a garden by Kings :Landscapes (Milton Keynes). This scheme, at a private garden in London, was the principal winnder in the British Associated Landscape Industries award for teh Domestic Garden Construction category. The arches and rose crown were used to help create a city garden that incorporated a kitchen garden with fruit trees, herbs and vegetables. At the same time it managed to enhance the character and the history of the existing features in the garden. 

 Kings Landscapes 1Kings Landscapes 2Kings Landscapes 3

Linked Arch Tunnel - Oxfordshire

We were contacted by a designer who wanted to create a crab apple walkway as a feature for a client's new garden to help bring winter colour within the scheme. Using our Roman Arch we were able to scale and manufacture them in proportion to the path installed by the landscaper and then link them using a high tension steel wire to train the espalier crab apple trees up along the structure. The designer wanted to also provide a viewpoint window at a particular point in the structure to enable the clients to view and established magnolia off to one side - this was achieved by designing the structure with a missing section of the high tension wire on one side. 

Linked Arch Tunnel - Bradley 1Linked Arch Tunnel - Bradley 2Linked Arch Tunnel - Bradley 3

Bisecting Pergolas - Berkshire

We received an enquiry from a designer working on a private estate in Berkshire where part of the scheme was to include a kitchen garden  - to be designed and installed in a very unique area. Following receipt of a site survey and having visited the site ourselves we were able to meet the designer's requirements of 2 bisecting pergolas with a bespoke arbour where the 2 structures joined in one corner. As the design developed we also met the requirement to design 2 entrance archways part way along the structure. Working with both the designer and landscaper we came up with a suitable solution not only to design, manufacture and supply the structure but with a cost effective way to install too.

Bisecting Pergola 1Bisecting Pergola 2Bisecting Pergola 3