It has been a week of wind, rain and low temperatures which has made gardening a challenge. When the risk of frost was announced I was worried we would lose the younger more tender plants but we covered them in a weather protecting garden fleece and so far, they have survived. This weekend is still going to be cold but warmer weather is forecast for next week so hopefully the planting schedule can continue as planned.

So, this week I have concentrated on building our slot and lock vegetable cages for the brassicas these cages are so versatile I have built them in all shapes and sizes to really maximise the use of the space. I have used the butterfly net to cover them it is very durable and will keep out those beautiful bringers of hungry caterpillars and keep the brassicas safe.

The early potatoes are doing well popping their leaves out, after being earthed up I have planted one lot of main crop the “Desiree” and have one crop left to plant the “Cara”.  Because we are planting in a portage style this year, I can’t plant them quite yet as the beetroot needs to go in first and it’s not ready to go out yet but hopefully by the end of next week it will be and that bed will really start to take shape.

The beans and peas are all sitting patiently in the greenhouse waiting to be planted out but they will have to wait till the weather warms up again the ground and the pea and bean frames are all ready for them so as soon as the sun shines they can move into their new homes. The greenhouse is getting very full so it will be a relief to get some space back I found myself talking to the plants last week but only to say “excuse me”.