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Garden Fleece 30gsm

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Our Heavy Duty Garden Fleece will protect your plants against frost and will also stop wind, hail, birds and insects damaging your plants, strong and reusable, this 30gsm plant fleece is UV stabilised, tear resistant and will drape easily over plants...More information

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Winter is a challenge for the gardener, that's why we recommend this commercial quality frost-busting plant fleece. The permeable, white UV stabilised, spun-bonded 2mm square mesh 30gsm gardening fleece protects against frost, wind, hail, birds and insects.

Unlike many imitations our fleece has been manufactured with UV stabilisers for longer life - so won't disintegrate or tear - yet soft and light enough to be placed directly over plants.

Can also be used to help to warm up the soil to achieve earlier harvesting of healthy crops.

2m Wide

2m x 10m = £9.95 (GNE-064)
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2m x 50m = £39.50 (GNE-046)  Save Over £10

4m Wide
4m x 10m = £17.95 (GNE-156) 
4m x 25m = £35.00 (GNE-157)  Save Over £9
4m x 50m = £66.00 (GNE-158)  Save Over £23

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Fleece is the best option as a temporary protection against frost. It is light enough to be laid over plants without any support and easy to take up again. It comes in 17 gram and 30 gram weights; the 17 gram weight will protect to just below freezing, whereas the heavier 30g  fleece will protect down to 28F-26F (-2C or -3C).
It’s important to remember to take up the fleece after frost has passed – it may keep plants snug but pests like it under there too. Fleece also blocks light at a time of year when light levels are low."

The article went on to say the following about other devices capable of warding off frosts. "...there are polythene, poly tunnels, lightweight cloche systems, ingenious support devices that convert raised beds into tunnels, and variations on the classic cold frame. Specialist suppliers such as Harrod Horticultural...are excellent one-stop shops for all plant protection supplies."   

Can you manage without fleece and other such materials and products this winter, spring and autumn?

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Grow Your Own MagazineApril 2012

Pick of the Crop

"This frost-busting insulating fleece will covercrops during winter and chilly springs. The 30g material is spun-bonded and aims to keep cold weather, wind and hail away from your soil and vulnerable young veg."

Number of Articles: 1
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