Kitchen-Garden-200519Finally, the temperatures have improved enough to start planting in the kitchen garden, this week I have planted out the Sweet Potatoes, Dwarf French green beans, Runner beans Enorma, Peas Norli and Kelvendon wonder, sweet peas, Dill and Parsley.

We are trying something a little different with the peas this year we have sowed the Kelvendon wonder peas in a gutter pipe this seems to have worked very well the seedlings are happy and healthy

I have placed the gutter in the position the peas are to be planted just to let them acclimatise for a couple of days and I will now plant them into the ground.

The sweet potatoes have gone in a raised bed all on there own although we are planting in a potage style this year, I have decided not to plant anything in with these as the vines get so dense, I think that they will just swamp any poor plant that has to compete with them.

I have also decided to let them ramble and not provide support both methods are acceptable however we have some tomato plants directly behind the sweet potato bed so if I add support it will cast shade on the tomatoes which is undesirable.