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Harrod Slot & Lock® Bean & Pea Frames

Perfect for Runner Beans or Sweet Peas!

Utilising our latest Slot & Lock connector technology and tried and tested aluminium tubing, our new Harrod Slot & Lock® Bean and Pea Support Frames will give years of reliable support to your climbing legumes in the garden...More information

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The Harrod Slot & Lock Bean & Pea Support framework uses durable 16mm diameter aluminium tubing along with our Award Winning Slot & Lock connectors to securely hold the frame in place, easy to assemble and also easy to dismantle for winter storage. 

Available in 4 lengths (1.03m, 1.65m, 2.26m & 3m) these supports are ideal as runner bean frames and are supplied as a complete kit including all framework, netting and braces for extra rigidity. 

The bean support has been carefully designed and manufactured to create an easy to assemble, strong frame for supporting your bean, pea and sweet pea plants throughout the season. 

  • Designed and manufactured by us in the UK
  • Frame uses strong 16mm corrosion resistant aluminium tuning
  • Award Winning Harrod Slot & Lock connectors secure framework
  • Superior 80mm/3” reusable knotted mesh netting supplied with the frame – strong enough for plants to be torn from at the end of the season
  • Netting secured with supplied net ties and galvanised steel ground pegs and adds more stability to framework
  • Braces fitted to frame for extra rigidity
  • Available in 4 lengths – 1.03m, 1.65m, 2.26m & 3m
  • 3 smaller sizes designed to fit our 1.2m/4ft, 1.8m/6ft & 2.4m/8ft raised beds
  • Base span can be altered to adjust the height – optimum height is 1.95m/6ft5” and 1m/3ft3” wide
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Incredibly light and folds flat for easy storage
  • Self assembly required

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Our horticulturist Martin Fiddes says; "A reliable pea and bean support frame is a must if you want to grow a decent crop of these staple garden vegetables and that means the netting as well as the framework.

It's usually difficult to reach through to pick pods in the middle of a traditional frame but this netting allows you to do so easily and taking the frame down and storing it - another common problem - is made really simple.

To get the most from your legume crop and the frame, try digging and filling a bean trench with well rotted organic matter a couple of weeks before planting, make sure peas and beans precede brassicas in your crop rotation and sow pea seeds in guttering to boost germination rates (and protect from mice) before sliding out into a planting drill or furrow".

What The Press Say

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Kitchen GardenApril 2016

Bean Frames - Product Reviews

'Best Buy' - KG Verdict - This is a sturdy and well-designed frame that is built to last. Once up it is best left intact, but it is light enough to move around the plot to follow your crop rotation. The framework uses durable 16mm diameter aluminium tubing along with Slot and Lock connectors to securely hold the frame in place. Supplied as a complete kit, including all framework, netting and braces for extra rigidity.

Kitchen gardenSept 2014

Product Review on Plant Supports

KG Verdict - A strong performer for peas and Beans. A tall , strong, frame for peas and climbing beans. The assembly takes a little while, but the system is simple and the end result robust. The frame fits neatly into a 1.2m (4ft) wide raised bed and I used extra ties to hold it in place. Sweet peas may need a bit of directing to get them started, but tendrils soon grip the net after that. Beans have plenty of support as the plants climb. This system gives an even distribution of foliage on both sides.

Number of Articles: 6
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