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Harrod Slot & Lock® Pea Support Frames

A smaller version than the bean and pea frame, the Harrod Slot & Lock® Pea Support Frames will play an integral part in the success of your kitchen garden or vegetable plot pea crop...More information

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Using the same Slot & Lock connector technology and proven 16mm aluminium tubing to form the lightweight yet very capable framework, the pea support frame comes in three raised bed friendly lengths (1.03m, 1.65m and 2.26m) which can be easily placed in 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.4m long wooden raised beds respectively. 

For real pea fans there's a 3m long version and although all sizes of frames are fully adjustable, our optimum height recommendation is 1m with the width set at 36cm.

Galvanised steel ground pegs are supplied to hold the frame firmly in position and with a long lasting piece of 80mm mesh knotted net completing - and further strengthening - the frame, you're safe in the knowledge that our Slot & Lock won't rock!

  • Harrod Slot & Lock® Pea Support Frames available in 4 lengths
  • 1.03m, 1.65m and 2.26m long frames fit inside our 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.4m long wooden raised beds
  • 3m long version also available for bumper bean and pea crops
  • Base span varied in one direction to alter frame height & width 
  • Optimum size is 1m H x 36cm W
  • All 4 sizes suitable for positioning in open ground
  • 16mmm diameter aluminium tubing framework
  • Tubing firmly held in position by matt black superior Nylon plastic Harrod Slot & Lock® connectors
  • Cut to size section of 80mm mesh knotted net comes with framework
  • Netting will last for years
  • Large enough mesh size (80mm) to pass hand through for easy inner row harvesting
  • Netting adds even more stability to framework
  • Held in position by releasable net ties
  • Comes complete with extra long galvanised steel ground pegs
  • Easy to fold or dismantle for winter
  • Self Assembly required


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Our horticulturist Martin Fiddes says; "A reliable pea and bean support frame is a must if you want to grow a decent crop of these staple garden vegetables and that means the netting as well as the framework.

It's usually difficult to reach through to pick pods in the middle of a traditional frame but this netting allows you to do so easily and taking the frame down and storing it - another common problem - is made really simple.

To get the most from your legume crop and the frame, try digging and filling a bean trench with well rotted organic matter a couple of weeks before planting, make sure peas and beans precede brassicas in your crop rotation and sow pea seeds in guttering to boost germination rates (and protect from mice) before sliding out into a planting drill or furrow".

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Amateur Gardening20th April 2013

Tried & Tested, Julia Heaton - Sweet pea support

Amateur Gardening 'Best Buy' scoring 18 out of 20 - a well-built frame that, despite its size was surprisingly lightweight and easy to move around. But I don't doubt that any tendril-clinging climbing plant would relish the chance to cover that netting.

Number of Articles: 1
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