Runner-Beans-210619The thunder and lighting storms we had here earlier this week were very impressive and gave everything a good watering and also filled our water butts which is a very good thing as now they are forecasting some hot weather for us.

This week in the kitchen garden it has been a week of planting out; the last of the runner beans (Enorma) have been planted at the base of the bean support frame. This year we are doing more successional sowing, to give a longer harvest period and to hopefully avoid a glut of any one vegetable. 

I have planted some little gem lettuce, lollo rosso and wild rocket into one of our standard wooden raised beds along with some more companion plants. Some radish has been sown in our maxi manger along with some herbs, more lettuce and companion plants and these have been positioned in a potager style to give a more natural look.


The leeks have also been planted this week, maybe a little smaller than I would have liked but I’m hopeful that they will do better in the ground.

We are continuing to harvest the spinach broad beans and strawberries, although a naughty squirrel has had a nibble on a few of these. The red currents are looking really good and I think they will soon need to be picked. The sprouting broccoli has begun sprouting so hopefully we will have the first harvest  this coming week.