Kitchen-Harvest-010719It has been a very good week in the kitchen garden everything is growing well and yielding lots of produce. We have red currents, spinach, courgettes, broad beans, rhubarb, sprouting broccoli, and cucumbers and the shallots are ready to be lifted and dried.

Of course, with all these lovely fresh yummy fruit and vegetables the challenge is to stop the slugs from getting to them first. I have used Nemaslug nematodes again this week throughout the kitchen garden and it's working really well with no nibbles.

I have spent a lot of time weeding again this week. I don’t want the vegetables to have to compete for water and nutrients so it is really important to get rid of all these pesky weeds before they can get established.

There has also been a lot of general garden maintenance this week. The blackberries and raspberries are really growing now so I have been tying their canes and stalks to the supports and removing any runners. We use the summer raspberry support frame for our summer fruiting raspberries.  

I have continued to water and feed the whole garden. Although we have had some rain, we have also had a lot of heat and with this weekend being a scorcher it was important not only to keep ourselves hydrated but also the vegetable garden too.