Although it has been a beautiful start to September, we’re already starting to see the misty mornings and darker nights creeping in. If harvesting your crops isn't keeping you busy enough, it's time to start thinking about autumn lawn care and planting your spring bulbs ready for next year. As the seasons begin to change, here’s what I’ve been using in the kitchen garden…

Sneeboer Timber Bulb Planter – Kitchen Garden Magazine BEST BUY 2021

Late September and early October heralds the start of bulb planting season with gardeners countrywide frenziedly digging away, driven on by the thought of a wonderful spring show.

Bulbs such as crocus, narcissus and iris are real favourites, mainly because they bring the first colour of the new year to the garden and signal the beginning of the end of winter's dark days. Tulips, with their unbelievably extensive variation in colours, are best planted after the first frosts of the autumn, but for the other spring flowering bulbs - the time is now!

Sneeboer Bulb Planter

The Sneeboer Timber Bulb Planter makes it easy, just insert the 12.5cm deep, 6cm diameter stainless steel cone it into the ground where you want to plant your bulbs, lift out the clod of earth, pop your bulb into the hole, then replace the clod of earth which is released when you make the next hole.

Nemasys Leatherjacket Killer

Leather Jacket Killers

From the renowned range of Nemasys natural pest control comes Nemasys Leatherjacket Killer - and you'll need it if your lawn has developed brown patches and the grass has little root growth as the chances are you've got leatherjackets (the larvae of the cranefly or daddy longlegs).


Burgon and Ball Spring Tine Lawn Rake

Burgon and Ball Spring Rake

The Burgon and Ball Lawn Rake is endorsed by the RHS, has a long lightweight handle and stainless steel springy round tines for easy and effective removal of moss and thatch from lawns. Along with using the leather jacket killer, at this time of year this rake is perfect for gathering the falling autumn leaves from the lawn.


Happy gardening!