Sneeboer Timber Bulb Planter

The Sneeboer Timber Bulb Planter is an essential tool when planting large quantities of bulbs with a clever cone design and easy to use long handle it will certainly make light work of your bulb planting...More information

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Size: 90cm Overall Length
Product Code: GGT-368
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Price: £78.95
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When you've got plenty of bulbs to plant - just think of think of that colour explosion a few months down the line - then the Sneeboer bulb planter really steps up to the plate.

Just insert the 12.5cm deep, 6cm diameter stainless steel cone it into the ground where you want to plant your bulbs, lift out the clod of earth, pop your bulb into the hole, then replace the clod of earth which is released when you make the next hole.

But don't think the Sneeboer timber bulb planter will be holed up in the potting shed gathering cobwebs outside of the bulb planting seasons of autumn and spring; this versatile plante re-invents itself as a potato planter when all your bulbs are in!

  • Sneeboer Timber Bulb Planter measures 90cm overall
  • Hand forged stainless steel planting cone
  • Stainless steel individually shaped, polished and sharpened by hand
  • Fitted with a fine quality ash handle
  • Planter cone measures 6cm in diameter and 12.5cm in depth
  • Ideal for planting large quantities of bulbs
  • Doubles up as a potato planter
  • Clod of earth is neatly removed by cone and can be replaced after planting bulb
  • Perfect for bulb planting in lawns as well as beds and borders
  • Easy on the back
  • Cuts down on time spent kneeling

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The English Garden2013-10-08

Bulb Planters - Planning a busy season bulb planting

Editors Choice Bulb Planter - The Sneeboer Timber Bulb Planter has the best handle of the lot - it is easy to put your back into the job with its good design. The tool is 90cm long with a hand-sharpened, stainless-steel cone, measuring 12.5cm deep and 6cm in diameter. The cone is sharpened by hand, and you can feel the quality of this tool. This would definitely last you a lifetime, and is comfy to work with in the garden for hours.

Grow Your Own2011-11-03

Green Gardener

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Number of Articles: 5
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