Stephanie's Top 3 Picks for May

May was a month which saw more rain showers than sun, but our lovely kitchen garden was still able to flourish. Sometimes the change in weather conditions can really help the crops to grow and we have seen lots of lovely green leaves and flowers this past month. I always love all of our products and the different things we try to grow with them, but I have narrowed down my top 3 from May which have really helped things to grow and made gardening so much fun!

Superior Bean Frame

The size of the product means you can grow a lot of beans without fear of it collapsing. The frame itself also looks really great when those beans begin to flourish as it really encases the whole frame, it is particularly ideal for runner beans but is great for any other climbing legume which you want to grow at home!

Stephanies top picks blog bean frame

Harrod Slot and Lock Vegetable Cage

The Slot and Lock Vegetable Cage is excellent for protecting our brassicas in the kitchen garden from Cabbage White, which is a type of butterfly which feed on brassicas. These white butterflies (the Cabbage White) will lay their eggs on the brassica’s which are known to decimate the crop so it is inedible. This cage is also really good for protecting against high-winds (which we have had a lot of in recent months) as they are very resilient and unlikely to collapse.

Stephanies top picks blog slot and lock frame

The Quad Grow

The Quad Grow is fantastic for peppers as the self-watering reservoir means that we do not have to water the peppers from the top. This is a much better way of watering peppers and they grow a lot better when watered from the base. You also only have to fill it up once a week which saves on water and is also a lot more time efficient!

Stephanies top picks blog quadgrow

I hope you find my top picks useful and keep an eye out fo rmy next top picks coming soon!

Happy Gardening!