Cabbages-130320It has been a lovely spring like week in the kitchen garden with lots of sunshine and it is really starting to feel that the warmer days are on the way. So, lots more seeds are being sown ready for them; white Lisbon onions, butterscotch and little dumpling squash, till, lollo bionda and red salad bowl lettuce. We have also started sowing the flower seeds; cosmos Apollo white, and rose bonbon and a second sowing of sweet peas so hopefully we will have sweet peas all summer long.

We have had an issue with mice nibbling the newly sprouting plants in the greenhouse. We have put lots of catch and release traps in there and covered all the new plants with propagator lids and cloches until we have caught and relocated all the mice.

The newly planted onions have also seemed to have been victims of an attack. We are unsure whether it is mice or pigeons so, we have put a wire netting fence around them and staked the area with some bamboo canes. Hopefully this should stop either from disturbing them further.

As the weather has warmed up a bit, we have removed the winter protection fleece from the spring cabbages and replaced it with bird netting over the steel hoops this will protect them from the pigeons and any other birds that might fancy some dinner.

The runner bean trench has now been completely filled and ready for the new seasons beans but it will be a while before they are planted. However, the broad beans are ready to go in they are looking good this year so we are really hoping for a good harvest.