Simply the PestSIMPLY THE PEST!

As the garden prepares to burst into life, you can be sure that the local pest population is slowly stretching, stirring and sleepily emerging from winter hibernation too with rumbling stomachs and big plans on how to fill them - all involving your plants.

And that’s why leading gardening suppliers and product manufacturers Harrod Horticultural are seen by gardeners across the country as knights in shining armour; for not only does the Suffolk-based mail order business supply the very latest, completely natural biological forms of pest control but they design and manufacture hoops and netting to keep the usual garden pest suspects at bay.

The practice of using live predators to control common garden pests isn’t new – it was first used under glass back in the 1920’s – but it’s certainly never been easier to ask Mother Nature to lend a hand. Go-ahead organic stockists Harrod Horticultural have realised that there’s a real choice for gardeners who want to go green and battle their pests the natural way, ranging from specific treatments for that perennial garden pest and long term no.1 in the list of gardener’s enemies the slug, right up to a lethal cocktail of nematodes known as Grow Your Own which has practically all soil dwelling garden pests running for cover.

All nematode-based biological controls are quick, clean and easy to apply and far from permanently upsetting the delicate balance in your garden, they briefly boost the numbers of the hungry predators to keep the targeted pest in check; for example, the erstwhile nematodes which make up the ever-popular Nemaslug treatments are programmed to seek and destroy slugs and do their dirty work under the soil – meaning no mollusc corpses to collect or dispose off.

But the family run business from Lowestoft also pay homage to the old gardener’s creed that ‘prevention is better than cure’, aptly demonstrated by their imaginative design and manufacture of top quality, 19mm diameter galvanised stainless steel crop protection hoops which combine perfectly with specially tailored and fitted netting cover kits.

This complete crop protection double act certainly isn’t funny for garden pests of all sizes as the range of fitted net covers includes butterfly netting, a fine insect mesh version and the mesh vented PVC version which stops practically everything – including the weather!

The forward-thinking designers at Harrod Horticultural have even come up with hoop extension kits which simply slot onto the base of their existing 19mm hoops, instantly raising the available growing height to cater for taller growing vegetables.          

So when you spot a twitching in the hedgerows and undergrowth, like curtains on a suburban street, as the plethora of pests – large and small, airborne and underground – get ready to selfishly feast on your plants, turn to Harrod Horticultural; they’ve got all the answers!