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Hoop Extension Kits

These Hoop Extension Kits give your plants up to 50cm of extra height in which to reach their maximum potential and what's more, you can add the simple swaged extension poles to existing hoops as the crops grow - just don't forget to allow for the expansion in the size of your netting...More information

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Manufactured from galvanised steel tubing, the 50cm and 80cm long hoop extension poles also help anchor the existing hoop once inserted the recommended 30cm into the soil.

  • Available in 50cm and 80cm lengths
  • Packs for 1, 2 3 and 6 hoops available
  • Manufactured from 19mm tubular galvanised steel
  • Will fit our range of high top hoops
  • Double up as a ground anchor for hoops
  • Swaged so just slip into base of existing hoops
  • Recommend 30cm of extension pole is inserted into ground
  • Ideal for taller growing crops such as brussel sprouts


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