This week I have started some seed sowing ready for next year.  I have planted a couple of different varieties of sweet peas ready for a spring display.  Broad beans have gone in, a bit later than usual and once they are ready they will go outside. I shall cover the area with cloches and fleece first to help warm up the soil so it will not be such a shock for the young plants.  

As I am writing this, yet another storm is raging through the countryside, this one has been called Diana. Hopefully the last of the leaves might be taken from the trees and the annual job of leaf clearing may be coming to an end. The oak tree which usually drops last looks like it is finally relinquishing its hold on them but all the different coloured leaves are a beautiful sight. Autumn is certainly my favourite time of year.


The greenhouse has had a couple of new additions this week. The fan heater needed a new thermostat, it was easy to set up and when we do finally begin having some hard frosts the greenhouse will now be snug and warm.  I have also set up a new geopod, a smaller one than the other one I am using but this one will be used to start the seeds off. Once they are established the seedlings are moved over to the larger geopod I call the 'nursery'.  At the moment I have parsley seeds growing and since I put them in the geopod they have really taken off and relishing the heat and light which is in short supply at this time of year.