Greenhouse Thermostat

This Greenhouse Thermostat will regulate greenhouse heaters & fans up to 3kw in size, heating mats & soil warming cables. It boasts an IPX4 protection rating for water splashes & high humidity & has an easy-to-read LED display...More information

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Introducing the Greenhouse Thermostat to your greenhouse, potting shed or propagation area is like appointing your own Greenhouse Manager as this temperature controlling device will accurately regulate greenhouse heaters and fans up to 3kw in size along with heating mats, soil warming cables and warming mats.

This beefy thermostat was made for greenhouse use - it boasts an IPX4 protection rating for water splashes and high humidity - and the easy-to-read LED display is accompanied by simple push button operation for easy setting of temperatures and flicking between cooling and heating modes.

The flap on the front hides a three-pin plug socket for your chosen appliance and the thermostat itself features a 1m mains power lead and a very handy 1.5m long sensor lead with probe, meaning you can control temperatures in the soil right where cuttings and seedlings need it.

A full instruction guide is supplied with the greenhouse thermostat but it's just a case of choosing your mode and temperature, plugging in your heater or fan and switching on!

  • Greenhouse Thermostat runs both greenhouse heaters in winter and fans in the summer
  • Compatible with appliances up to 3kw in output
  • Mains powered
  • Simple push button control
  • Designed and manufactured specifically for greenhouse use
  • IPX4 rated for complete protection from water splashes and humidity
  • 1m long mains power lead
  • Use with heaters, fans, soil warming mats, heating cables and warming pads
  • Flap on front houses 3-pin plug
  • Clear LED temperature display
  • Heating and cooling modes
  • Simple to set temperature
  • 1.5m long sensor cable and probe
  • Probe can be pushed into soil to measure temperatures around roots when using heating mats or cables
  • Place probe at plant level in greenhouse when operating heaters or fans
  • Thermostat range 0°C to 40°C
  • Provides economic greenhouse climate control all year round
  • Sound investment for the greenhouse grower

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Grow Your Own14th January 2014

Propagators on Test - Get your growing season off to a quick start with Dave Finkle's favourite gardening gear

5 ***** Many Greenhouses lack this piece of kit. It is used as a controlling device that you then plug items into, such as heater, coolers and mats. It's triggered into action by a receiver that is put into the soil itself, giving direct control over the soil temperatures required for seed germination and root development. A digital display makes monitoring easy.

Number of Articles: 1
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