Netting, Mesh and Protection

Garden netting and protection is one of our specialist areas and as netting manufacturers for 60 years and keen gardeners for slightly less, we know only too well the importance of good quality, reliable netting and plant protection material.

Customer Reviews 

Horticology Garden and Home Maintenance, Nottinghamshire

"The unusual project using brown ground cover fabric, was tasked to cover an old ice house to prevent the brick work getting damaged by frost and weeds. We used brown weed fabric as it was a similar tone to the original brickwork, covered it all up, using your pegs to hold it down and then chicken/rabbit wire was sculpted over the top to train the plants up." 

Mr Harding, London 

"The bespoke ultra fine insect mesh netting has met and exceeded our expectations in the unusual usage we have put it to; it looks good and when the pool is covered it does not detract from the garden. It keeps the pool clear of insects and leaves and removal and covering is easily managed because it is light yet robust. It lies on the water surface and therefore is not lifted by high winds (N.B. this is a Saltwater pool). We are very pleased with the product in quality and functionality, the service and advice we received and the communication throughout."

Mrs James, Kent

"Very pleased with our cage on our allotment and also pleased with your high top hoops and extension kits, netting is very good at keeping out the Cabbage white butterflies but will let the bees get in to polinate the flowers. No fruit yet as this is our first year. Hoping for a better harvest next year." 

Mrs L Warren, Caithness

"Photos of the vegetable and nursery cage my husband made, using the windbreak and Gro Thermal netting. Size of cage is 9.2m x 5.1m. It has now withstood nearly a year of Caithness wind, snow and rain. Very impressed with the Gro Thermal product. It does let rain through, but only when it is quite heavy. I did have to water during the summer months as the rain wasn't heavy enough to penetrate, however winter had no such problems."

Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa Kitchen Garden, Hampshire

20 X Large hoops, 20 Large hoops and 20 Medium Hoops along with ground anchor kits and 2m long linking rod kits are used in the kitchen garden at Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa kitchen garden in Hampshire.    

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