How to Grow Herbaceous peonies

Peonies-180316Herbaceous peonies are often considered difficult to grow, but with some basic care they can provide you with glorious colour in the garden for many years to come.

It is preferable to plant bare-root peonies in Oct-Nov while the soil is still warm however you can plant container grown peonies at any time of the year.

Herbaceous peonies are fine in a pot for a few years but their large root system will ultimately outgrow it.

Ideally it is best to plant in full sun or a spot that receives at least five hours of full sun a day. The eyes of the peony roots should be no more than 3-5cm below the soil surface, so do not plant too deep or your plant may not flower well

  • Most peonies prefer neutral to slightly alkaline soils
  • Good drainage is essential and when watering try to water at the base of the plant not wetting the leaves
  • Peonies however are relatively drought tolerant once they are established
  • Feed with a general purpose fertiliser such as Growmore in the spring but avoid over-feeding with high nitrogen fertilisers
  • To conserve moisture and suppress weeds, mulch around the crown in Spring with some organic matter such as bark or well-rotted manure but avoid covering the crown itself
  • Peonies do have a tendency to flop from the heavy weight of their blooms and strong plant supports are usually required
  • It is advisable to cut the foliage down to ground level once it dies back in the autumn to reduce risk of the plant wilting.



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