Sneeboer Spade 240215The wonderful thing about gardening is garden tools can make it as labour intensive or relaxing as your wish. You may decide that you will dig your entire plot by hand, or you might choose to use machinery and then spend more time in the planning.

The decision of which garden tools and equipment to use is an important one - there are literally hundreds to choose from!

Gardeners are a loyal bunch in general - if they stumble across a pair of gloves or a garden spade which serves them well, they will generally search for an identical replacement when the old favourite eventually wears out.

Sneeboer has an enviable reputation for superb quality, hand forged garden tools. Made using the same techniques for over 100 years, gardeners love the longevity of the tools and the way they expertly do the job for which they were designed.

A good introduction to the Sneeboer garden tools range would be a garden spade and garden fork. The heads of these tools are forged from stainless steel, making them supremely strong but also rust free, and the ash handles are beautifully tactile, light yet robust and after a few years of gardening use they develop a lovely smooth feel.

Sneeboer make their tools with long handles to alleviate the pressure on the spine and create a lot more digging power by creating a a longer lever to work with. The garden and digging forks are cleverly designed with flattened tines, rather than rounded or square, which helps to turn the soil over more effectively.

Sneeboer have realised that there are numerous old garden tool designs that existed for perfectly good reasons - they did the job for which they were designed and did it better than anything else.

The Long Handled Bulb Planter and the Dandelion Spade – are great tools, especially if, you'd rather not use chemicals to keep the dandelions from your lawn.

Sneeboer garden tools you have today will last a lifetime of gardening, and that they may well become family heirlooms too providing you can stop your gardening friends borrowing them!