Our keen customer service team have been busy in the greenhouse again and following the success of the courgette plants in the self watering propagator it was time to pot these on.

But what is Potting On? Simply put 'potting on' is moving a plant into a bigger pot or container so that there is room for further growth. This is usually done through a range of different size pots until the plants are ready to be planted into their final container or into the garden. It is not advised to plant a small plant straight into a massive pot as they can be protected better in smaller pots and it is far more practical space wise.

Courgettes Potting On 1

Courgettes Potting On 2Courgettes Potting On 3

Greenhouse Planting

The greenhouse at Harrod Horticultural HQ is getting pretty full now with some more self watering propagators being planted up with squash, spinach and tomato seeds.

We decided on 2 types of squash:-

  • Rolet - a summer climbing squash which produces green round fruit with particulalry sweet orange flesh and can be heavy cropping.
  • Yellow Scallop - an interesting shaped flat squash with scalloped edges with a vivid yellow skin. 

Squash Planting 2We are looking forward to these doing well this year, the yellow scallop squashes will add a real splash of colour to the garden and hopefully taste great too!

The organic spinach seeds were also planted in propagators with 2 types being planted up, Matador summer spinach which has large leaves and is slow to bolt along withEarly Prickly Seeded, a fast growing hardy variety for spring or autumn sowing. 

It was also time to prick out our Kale Red Russian and move these into slightly bigger trays. 'Pricking Out' involves moving tiny seedlings from pots or trays into new pots when their first true leaves appear - HINT - hold the leaves when moving as leaves can grow back, but a damaged stem will not repair itself.Greenhouse Potting On

As the weather was against us we didn't manage to sort out our new raised bed which we were planning to line using our raised bed liners and then fill, so instead we managed to get the tomato seeds planted.

We chose the popular Gardener's Delight, a heavy cropping cherry variety, Moneymaker which produces flavoursome middle sized fruits and we are giving a first outing to Super Sweet 100's, a cordon type tomato which produces small cherry sized fruit with a lovely sweet flavour. 

But we didn't stop there, the team also managed to sow some leeks, onion sets and peas into some of our ever popular Rootrainers

So a busy couple of weeks and some great early results, I know the whole team are keen to get into the greenhouse to check progress!

Happy Gardening