Seed Starter Self Watering Propagation Kit

This 24 Cell Self Watering Propagator maintains optimal growing conditions essential for successful seed germination and makes growing your own from seed easy...More information

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Size: 37.7cm L x 23cm W x 16cm H
Product Code: GPR-014
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Price: £12.95
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The seed tray of the propagator sits above the reservoir on a platform which is covered in capillary matting. The plants then draw the water up as required to avoid overwatering and seedlings rotting.

Simple to set up, the self watering propagator has a 24 cell injection moulded tray which will last for years and is dishwasher safe and has a clear propagation cover. Designed to fit comfortably on a window sill and includes 24 growing pellets giving just the right amount of growing media for each cell. 

  • 24 Cell Self Watering Seed Success Kit measures 37.7cm L x 23cm W x 16cm H
  • Reservoir has a 2.2 litre capacity
  • Includes 24 growing pellets
  • Kit includes clear plastic propagating lid, 24 cell tray, capillary matting and reservoir tray
  • Plastic lid ideal for seed germination
  • 24 cell tray is injection moulded and will last for years
  • Tray can be sterilised in dishwasher
  • Capillary matting sits below seed tray
  • Matting draws water from reservoir and keeps soil in rootzone moist
  • Reservoir will last 10 days
  • Inner platform supports capillary matting and is inverted to help eject seedling plugs
  • All injection mouldings carry a 10 year guarantee
  • Components (with the exception of the capillary matting and clear cover) made from 100% recycled plastic

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