Compost Tumblers

Practical and Efficient Tumbling Compost Bins

  • Create Your Own Composter Quicker!
  • Perfect For Garden Waste
  • Simple To Use
  • Strong, Reliable Composters
  • Less Work Than Traditional Compost Bins

Compost tumblers can help speed up your composting process and is much easier than having to regularly turn traditional style compost heaps.

These practical composters are a great addition to any garden, particularly suited to smaller urban gardens. Simply fill the composters with your organic waste from the garden and kitchen and give the drum a few spins each day. This efficient mixing allows the bacteria to work fast and generates high core temperatures, resulting in usable compost much quicker than traditional compost heaps. Any liquid produced by the composting process - which traditionally leaches into the soil and is wasted - can be collected and used as a high potash feed.

A Tumbling Compost Bin could revolutionise your garden composting, making rich and fertile compost in much less time than traditional bins.