With the cold weather this week it has given me the opportunity to go round the vegetable garden and flower gardens to see what other jobs still need to be done. 

A few of the conifer trees have had their lower branches removed, leaving paths clearer. Leaves, ofcourse, still need raking either because the strong winds have blown them out from under bushes or the birds have moved them whilst digging for worms and insects. 

An important job for us in winter is to make sure the bird feeders are topped up with seeds and nuts so they have enough food to keep themselves warm and also make sure fresh water is readily available for them. 

This has been a week about finding jobs in the garden that will keep us warm too.  We haven’t had the heavy snow like some parts of the country but we have had some very cold nights and frosty starts the following day. 


In the greenhouse the seeds in the heated geopod propagator have already started to shoot.  So far, I have broad beans, curly parsley, hot pepper and tomato seeds shooting.  Sweet peas and and onion sets are planted in individual pots, this should give them a head start when they are planted outside. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be planting broccoli.

I also have some clematis flowering in the greenhouse.  Several plants were moved last year and a couple that were quite small were potted up and left in the greenhouse and I am now rewarded with their beautiful scent.