Active birds are a great friend of the gardener so don't wait until the depths of winter before putting food out for the local population - start now and help our feathered friends build up enough strength to get through the cold winter.

It's a traditional scene in any English garden - filling the bird table with tasty treats on a cold, crisp winter's morning - but it could all be too late. All gardeners appreciate the benefits of having a healthy bird population living in or nearby their plots as insects and grubs, not so welcome in the garden, form part of a varied diet. It's essential that all birds are fit and strong to survive the winter months, and smaller species such as wrens and tits need to consume almost the equivalent of their body weight each day just to live.

Bird-Feeder-271118Placing suitable feeds on a bird table or in a bird feeder – well out of the reach of cats – in the late autumn will give the local bird population time to identify where they can find food and build up their strength before the real winter weather sets in, but be warned - the birds will come to depend on this source and even missing a day during a bitter spell could be the difference between life and death. Fortunately, there are many specialist and nutritious bird foods around, suitable for both winter and all year round feeding, as well as high energy suet treats - which are especially suited to the winter months.

It is also important to ensure a supply of water is available in the garden during the winter as birds do not take on water from their natural diet. Bathing is also essential for maintaining feathers but of course, the main problem is the water freezing. To prevent this, at least down to a temperature of 4 degrees C, a completely natural and harmless solution is available which can simply be added to the water in the bird bath – it is perfectly safe for birds to drink and bathe in, and there is no need for amphibians to worry either; it's frog-friendly too.

Harrod Bird Feeding Stations have been developed following numerous customer requests, are available with an arch or crown top and each stylish feeding stations can hold 3 feeders and a seed catching tray