Protection for Mulberry Tree


We have a maturing mulberry tree which, this year, already looks as though it will produce a bumper crop of fruit.


But we also have many bird visitors! So my concern is how best to protect the tree from the birds – and in a way that won’t harm the birds, either.


Do you have any suggestions, please?


With thanks

Helen Parkins

Dear Helen

Thank you for you email.


Depending upon the size of your tree, the obvious suggestion would be to cover the tree in bird netting.  This can ether be draped over the tree and tied around the trunk, or you could surround the tree in poles and drape the netting over them. 


This is something we do each year in Stephanie’s kitchen garden to cover our Tayberry bush which is quite a large plant.  We cover it when the fruit begins to set and take the netting off after harvesting is complete.  I have attached a photo of this below.



If your tree is too large to cover with netting, you could try our cherry sleeves which will cover individual branches.  


You could also hang bird scarers in your tree, such as old CDs or ribbons.


Another option is to erect a bird feeding station nearby.  The theory here is that the birds will be attracted to the goodies you are supplying rather than the fruit on your tree. 


I hope this is helpful and that you manage to keep as much of your crop for yourself as you can.  Please let me know if I can be of any further help.


Kindest Regards