3 Finial Fan Trellis

Our 3 Finial Fan Trellis panels are maintenance free, available in matt black or natural rust finish with brackets to keep a 25mm gap between the wall and plants to allow the plants to twine freely.
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Pack Content: single item
Size: 1.7m H x 0.47m W (top) 0.2m W (bottom)
Price: From £69.00
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Our 3 Finial Fan Trellis panels are also made using strong 8mm solid steel rod with 25mm ball finials for an attractive finish and come with brackets that keep a 25mm gap between the wall and plants. This allows air to circulate for plant health and allows the plants to twine freely through the garden trellis panel. The brackets are supplied in either plain galvanised or a black finish to complement the trellis.

The wall trellis panels are available in a high temperature powder coated matt black finish or a pretty natural rust. The rust trellis panels are supplied as untreated steel which quickly develops an even rust patina on the unpainted surface. 

These maintenance free 3 Finial wall trellis panels will soften and decorate garden walls to become a beautiful link between house and garden. Made to last and much more enduring than timber designs.

  • 3 Finial Fan Tellis Panels made using strong 8mm solid steel rod with 25mm ball finials
  • All panels are 1.7m high
  • Measures 0.47m wide at the top and 0.2m wide at the bottom
  • 2 finishes available - matt black powder coated for a long lasting weather resistant finish or natural finish which quickly develops a rust patina over time
  • Maintenance free panels come with a 10 year guarantee
  • One piece fully welded panels
  • Designed to be wall mounted
  • Includes brackets to keep trellis 25mm from wall for air circulation
  • Allows air to circulate - reducing humidity
  • Room for plants to freely twine around panel
  • Optional Pot hangers and Terracotta pots (11cm Dia. x 10cm H) also available separately
  • Terracotta Pots and Pot Hangers are available in packs of 5
  • Ideal for Climbers and Evergreen Climbers - particularly hydrangeacampsishederaclematis and actinidia

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