Romanesco CauliflowerHere at Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden this week we will be planting out our Spring Cabbages.  These have been growing away in our cold frame waiting for a space to become available in our vegetable cage.   

Our purple sprouting broccoli, which has provided us with an amazing harvest all summer long, is just about spent and we have harvested some of our amazing romanesco cauliflower.  These can come out now and make room for our cabbage plants.

Sweet Potato and Obelisk

The ground will be dug over, some compost added and
mycorrhizal fungi added to the planting hole.  Cabbage collars will be added to the plants before a good watering in. 

We will also be giving our brassicas a feed of fish, blood and bone to keep them growing away into the Autumn months.  


Took a few weeks to get going after planting but our sweet potato crop is now growing strongly and rapidly covering our steel obelisk. 

This week we will be harvesting runner beans, French beans, broccoli, cauliflower, sweetcorn, courgettes, beetroot, tomatoes, cucumber, aubergines, blackberries, celery and peppers.