We are featuring in 3 episodes of Grow Your Own’s prestigious podcast ‘The Dirt’, the hub of gardening advice. 

In the first episode our lovely Standard Raised Beds and Butterfly Net Cover and Hoops are discussed in detail which is really informative for planting tips. We also have a Q&A all about the raised beds which feature on it too, all questions asked by our lovely followers.

You can listen to the Episode 1 of the podcast here.

The second episode featured our Superior Runner Bean Frame which offers great support for your climbing legumes! Questions supplied by our followers were answered in a little Q&A section along with lots of discussion around supporting climbing plants. 

You can listen to Episode 2 of the Podcast here

The third episode features our Slot & Lock walk-in fruit cage and there is also a competition to win one for yourself. Again all the questions supplied by our followers are answered.

You can listen to Episode 3 of the Podcast here.

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