Sneeboer Hand Hoe

This beautifully half moon shaped Sneeboer Hand Hoe is also goes by the name of the onion hoe but it's not just alliums that this very agile little hoe glides between...More information

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Size: 10cm Wide Blade
Product Code: GGT-415
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The Sneeboer hand hoe may be small in size (the blade is an easily driveable 10cm wide) but it's crafted to yield tremendous strength for slicing weeds beneath the surface of small, or dense flower and vegetable beds, as well as cultivating the soil.

It's these attributes, married to the renowned hand forging from stainless steel, Sneeboer history and the tough cherrywood handle, which make the Sneeboer hand hoe a must-have for any potting shed or tool store.

  • Blade of the Sneeboer Hand Hoe measures 10cm in width
  • Curved shaft for ease of use
  • Cherrywood handle
  • Also known as the onion hoe due to its narrow width
  • Ideal foe hoeing in and around closely planted crops
  • Sharp blade slices off weeds
  • Cut weeds on the pull stroke
  • Ideal for flower beds too

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Garden News WeeklyFebruary 2014

GN product tester Geoff Hodge tests hand-held weeding hoes

Best Onion Hoe - This has a swan-necked shaft of a 'traditional' onion hoe. The sharp, backward-facing 10cm (4") wide blade and shaft are made from stainless steel. The relatively short (12.5cm/5") cherry wood handle was long enough for me to use comfortably and has a bulbous end to prevent your hand slipping.

Grow Your OwnNovember 2011

Green Gardener

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Number of Articles: 2
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