Growing your own is very rewarding, but there is always the next job to be doing and as the customer service team are really busy this time of year they often have limited time to get all the jobs done.  The crucial jobs such as watering are covered by a rota but the bigger jobs, planting out, potting on, protecting the plants etc... have to be done when time allows.

Last week the team managed to pot on the cucumber plants in the greenhouse - putting them into bigger pots from the seed trays so they can continue to grow unimpeded. 

We have been pretty successful with our cucumber plants in the greenhouse and had a number of spare plants. These have been shared out to the team to take and grow on at home - they did have to promise to share their harvest though!

The team planted up one of the raised beds with Kale a couple of weeks ago and it was time to get this protected to stop pest damage. We decided to use a Slot & Lock Vegetable Cage with butterfly netting to protect the Kale plants.



Vegetable Cage

Slot and Lock connectors close up

The team assembled the cage with aluminium tubing and slot and lock connectors. The screws on the connectors lock these into place creating a rigid framework. The butterfly netting is then secured over the cage to stop any butterflies landing on the plants and laying their eggs. This should keep our Kale well protected and ensure us a big harvest this year!

The team are planning more planting out next week and hopefully the warm weather continues - must remember to keep watering though.

Happy Gardening!