Pond Covers or Pond Netting?

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Hi Jo

My pond has been cleaned out of fish by what appears to be an otter. Would it be safe to use galvanised netting over the pond?  I have heard conflicting reports about it being harmful to fish.




Dear David

We have 2 large ponds in the gardens surrounding the Kitchen Garden and have also had problems with otters in the past.

Our ponds are now fully netted to prevent any invader from stealing the fish. We use heavy duty pond netting on a raised steel pond cover and find this very effective.  This would avoid the use of galvanised netting and any worries that it may be harmful to your fish. We have also had success catching otters using humane rabbit traps set with a tin of pilchards as bait.

I would suggest that the netting would be your best long term option, but it might be worth trying to catch your current visitor as well.

Good luck.  Please let me know if I can be of any further help.

Kindest Regards



Jo Blackwell
Kitchen Gardener
Harrod Horticultural

Meet the Author: Jo Blackwell
Jo Blackwell

Jo Blackwell is our well-established Horticultural Advisor and the Kitchen Gardener in Stephanie's Victorian style Kitchen Garden. She caught the gardening bug when she bought her first home 21 years ago. Her first greenhouse soon followed and she later gained an allotment.

As well as tending the Harrod Horticultural Gardens, she enjoys maintaining her own vegetable plot at home. She has been a gardener for Harrod Horticultural for over 4 years now and has a wealth of experience in organic vegetable growing, ornamental gardening and in using all Harrod products.


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