The season is definitely on the turn but to beat those late season blues, Harrod Horticultural have put together a feast of gardening products in our latest 116-page 2013 Catalogue.

New seasonal products we’ve picked for the new catalogue will inspire you to keep sowing and growing as well as picking and storing!

We’re already a popular presence on social networking site Twitter but now we’ve turned to tweets of another kind with the unveiling of our bird care range. From specific, highly nutritious feeds for favourite garden birds to top quality ingredients to prepare your own bird food recipes, the extensive selection is sure to meet with approval from the feathered fraternity.

Specialist feeders are also available for birds to dine at safely – squirrels and other bird enemies will not be amused – and with healthy feeds sat page by page with fat laden treats such as suet blocks and pellets, fat balls and the irresistible suet-packed half coconut, the menu will appeal to all diners.

As we’ve laid on a feast for garden birds, we’ve no qualms about keeping the berries and currants they covet for ourselves – and what a way to keep fruit under wraps! Our brand new, designed and manufactured in-house walk-in Pavilion, Ogee Arch and Roman Arch Steel Fruit Cages are real garden head-turners and back up their stunning looks with exceptional build quality. All cages feature a centrally mounted door as standard – a first for us – and with an array of sizes available, finding a cage to suit your needs is almost guaranteed.  

These stunning fruit cage designs also have plenty of headroom for fruit trees to flourish with the Pavilion leading the way, topping out at a sky scraping 3.37m. Not far behind are the Roman (2.95m) and Ogee (2.91m), giving you growing flexibility with ridiculously attractive styling.

We’ve also paid homage to the harvest season with catalogue debutant the Folding Berry Picker joining the back for more and softer-than-a-labrador’s-mouth Harvesting Collection Bag and existing telescopic apple pickers, storage sacks and racks and Fruit Presses in making sure all is safely gathered in.

Keeping the greenhouse warm enough for cuttings, overwintering tender plants and early seed sowing is in the capable hands of the stylish Indiana Electric Heater, complete with flexible outlet tubes for accurate air distribution - and the power-packed 2kw Arkansas Fan Heater helps keeps things as warm as the state from which it takes its name.   

We’ve spent part of the summer blowing bubbles but in this case, it’s the burst-resistant 20mm pockets of air which make up our new bubble insulation for toasty winter greenhouse insulation. It’s not all hot air in the money saving stakes though as the larger cell insulation – which boasts better light transmission – along with the traditional 10mm bubble version is likely to reduce heating costs by as much as 50%!

Our RHS Chelsea Flower Show New Garden Product of the Year award winning Slot and Lock connectors are put to good autumnal use in forming lightweight but very effective pond covers, keeping out leaves and herons. You’ll need to choose between the no-nonsense flat design and 40cm high raised version which straddles aquatic and marginal plants though! 

And finally, much as we’d like to ignore it, it’s written in lore that winter follows autumn and we gardeners do need to be prepared; that’s why you’ll also find the pages of the Autumn Catalogue featuring Mammoth Plant Jackets, Overwintering Tents, Fitted Covers and many more forms of heat retaining and frost beating solutions.

But with winter literally covered, we can sit back and enjoy the magical season of autumn...