After a complete change of weather over last weekend, we finally got rain, not quite enough but sufficient to fill the empty water butts and save the watering for a few days.

It has been a quiet week in the kitchen garden, weeding has continued around the growing vegetables but one job that needed doing was thinning out the apples. On each cluster, as we call them, you should really only allow 2-3 apples to grow, too many and either they will all die or you will have small apples. We check over each cluster and select the smallest, and/or diseased, and usually with a quick twist they are removed. We also check the pear trees but they seem to do this job for us by discarding the smallest.

The earlier variety of potatoes are now starting to flower, an indicator that it won’t be long before they can be lifted and whilst weeding in the fruit cage, we found redcurrant berries and some have started to ripen, will be soon harvesting these.

RedcurrantsIn the other gardens the Box and Yew hedging have started to be trimmed, look so much better once they have had a cut. The wild flower garden has really appreciated the rain and it seems to be growing every day. And of course, the weeding never stops, especially now we have had rain.

Happy Gardening!