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Maxi Manger Trough Planter

The Maxi Manger Trough Planters have been designed to offer a stylish and practical way to grow your own fruit and vegetables, perfect for the patio or deck, or to create an attractive floral display. 
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Harrod Horticultural Easy Grow MangerGetting the most from these Maxi Manger Trough Planters isn't difficult and even though quality raised beds and planters are - pardon the pun - a huge growth area as gardeners realise the benefits of growing their own vegetables, fruit, salad and herbs in waist height comfort with little or no maintenance and free from certain pests, we're still rather pleased with the stylish Maxi Manger Plant trough we've both researched and designed.

Standing 79cm off the ground, 83cm wide and available in 4 lengths (2ft/0.6m, 4ft/1.2m, 6ft/1.8m & 8ft/2.4m - image shows 4ft trough planter) these wooden troughs provide growing options that single level raised beds can't dream of offering. Plant your salads and shallow rooting crops round the perimeter of the vegetable trough and let the plants (including carrots and parsnips) which require extra depth really stretch their legs in the centre, where 45cm of soil is available.

Manufactured from Scandinavian softwood sourced from sustainably managed forests, the planed timber used in the planters is 2cm thick and has been pressure treated using a safe preserve. The timber is kiln dried and selected to a structural standard to ensure high quality

These stylish wooden planters are also proving popular as flower troughs, ideal for creating a stunning floral display in your garden, perfect on the patio for a splash of summer colour. 

Carrying a 3 year structural guarantee, you can be sure the Maxi Manger Raised Planter won't let you down and your patio will be grateful for the thick, fitted, non-woven polypropylene fabric liner which aids water retention, contains fine sand and compost and helps prevent leaching.

We've also added smaller versions of the Maxi Manger Trough Planter - the Mini Manger and Micro Manger which are also available in 4 lengths and are ideal for the patio or courtyard.

And you can turn your Maxi Manger Raised Planter into the ultimate patio vegetable growing system with the new Hoops and Cover Kits - designed exclusively for all lengths of Maxi Manger!

  • Manger Raised Planter manufactured from 2cm thick planed timber
  • Made from Scandinavian softwood sourced from sustainably managed forests.
  • Timber is kiln dried and selected to a structural standard to ensure high quality 
  • Stands 79cm High
  • Measures 83cm wide
  • Available in 4 sizes - 2ft/0.6m, 4ft/1.2m, 6ft/1.8m and 8ft/2.4m - image shows 4ft trough planter
  • Timber is high pressure treated with a safe preserve following consultation with Garden Organic
  • Provides a hefty 45cm growing depth in the centre
  • Strengthened with internal supports and leg braces
  • 3 year structural guarantee
  • This product is supplied as a kit for self assembly
  • Comes complete with thick, fitted, non-woven polypropylene fabric liner specially tailored for the bed
  • Ideal for both shallow and deep rooting vegetables
  • Enables you to work at a comfortable height
  • Thwarts some ground-dwelling pests
  • For the ultimate in crop protection try our new Hoops and Cover Kits
  • Liner helps prevent residue leaching onto patio or courtyard and protects timber even further
  • Opens up growing options on patios, balconies and terraces and in courtyards
  • Ideal for town or city gardens with limited space
  • Allows gardeners with back problems to carry on growing
  • Supplied with full assembly instructions
  • Recommended two person assembly
  • We strongly recommend the use of an electric screwdriver with a clutch for assembly and a Pozidrive (PZ2) screwdriver or screw bit to make assembly of the Manger Raised Planter much quicker and easier
  • Mini Manger Trough Planter & Micro Manger Trough Planter also available
  • Replacement Liners are also available separately

How Much Compost?
When working out the amount of compost required to fill your Mini Manger Raised Planter, use the following simple guide - each 60cm (2ft) length requires approx 120 litres of material. Don't forget to add plenty of organic matter to improve both soil structure and water retention!

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Early days By Anonymous 4 30th April 2018

I managed to assemble two maxi manger troughs on my own, but it would have been easier with two people. I highly recommend the use of an electric screwdriver. The completed trough is very sturdy but heavy and I would recommend carrying the top and base to the intended location before final assembly, especially if, like me, you will have to do this on your own. Once filled and planted up, it would be far too heavy to move safely. It is early days yet to really rate performance and longevity. My two troughs have been sown with carrots, various varieties of salad leaves and strawberries to trail over the edge. The planters are standing on a well trodden base of chipped bark and I have placed them in front of my green house to act as a screen.

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Great product but needs wheels By Anonymous 4 11th April 2018

Assembly was fairly easy. But when the manger is full it is very heavy . So that we could adjust the position slightly, we put our own wheels on the legs. This makes a big difference and should be included in the design hence 4 stars. I ,m very pleased with the manger especially now that I can see my seedlings without bending down. Construction is solid and stable. The greenhouse cover works well. Very easy to unzip and get access

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Many thanks for your feedback, your comments have been passed onto our design team for further review

Excellent Quality and looks good in garden. By Peter Lewis 5 25th October 2017

Bought this in the spring so I waited for a full growing season to review. 6 ft version as we had a perfect spot for it. No complaints and so good for our backs. No bending needed. Worth paying extra for a sturdy piece of kit. Good cropping, especially runner beans.

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Filling Your Maxi Manger

We've given you an idea of how much soil you'll need to fill your Maxi Manger Raised Planter above, but it's the quality that counts - that's why we're proud of our tie-up with Rolawn, recognised as the market leades when it comes to topsoil and soil improvers.


We recommend you use the Rolawn soils to fill around 75% of your Maxi Manger planter, and make up the missing quarter with some good old organic matter in the form of well rotted manure, garden compost or even some garden centre-bought bags of farmyard manure (FYM). If you are intending to plant the beds up almost immediately after filling, you must make sure any manure is well-rotted down as the fresh variety will release ammonia as it decomposes, and this can harm plants.

Adding this bulky organic matter  - Strulch is another alternative - will help with water retention and soil structure in general as light raised bed soils are notorious for rapidly drying out. After your first season of growing, you can think about applying stronger manures which will have the winter to break down – or even grow a green manure crop.

Maxi Manger Crop Protection

Protect your Maxi Manger grown crops with our NEW range of Hoops and Cover Kits, designed specially for the Maxi Manger.


Choose from galvanised steel 19mm hoops, Fitted Insect Mesh covers, a tailored and seam stitched Butterfly Net or the heavy-duty PVC Mesh Vented Cover for all year growing.

Buying the hoops and your choice of cover in kit form is the easiest option but we've also made the covers available separately should you wish to move with the seasons and keep your crops protected all year long!

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