It was a complete change of weather over the last week, the heat had gone and we were left with a lot of cloud and more manageable temperatures but still very little rain. The cooler temperatures were a welcome relief allowing us to really crack on with making the kitchen garden look its best, which is great timing as it will be the main focus for the upcoming photoshoots we have planned over the next couple of weeks.

Monday started with a blitz on weeding, with the heat and the need to water regularly, weeds are everywhere. But by lunch time the job was done and it was quite satisfying to see the kitchen garden neat and tidy.

Another job that needed doing was tiding the espalier fruit trees. These are normally pruned during August, but they have put on so much growth the job needed doing now. Side shoots are pruned down to three leaves above the basal cluster. Shoots emerging from sideshoots are pruned back to 1 leaf above the base. Once this had been done we then made sure the horizontal branches were tied back securely.

Berries 07-07-2020 Potato Harvest 07-07-2020

Whilst getting the kitchen garden ready for the forth coming photo shoot, harvesting has continued. This week we have had the last of the red and black currants. Courgettes, broad beans, raspberries, cucumbers, a few tomatoes and the first of the potatoes have been lifted. One variety of shallots have been lifted and these are now hanging in the potting shed, drying out before they are bagged.

Harvest KG 07-07-2020