Tomatoes-Wheelbarrow-181019We have definitely been making the most of our waterproofs this week we have had lots of rain and a few thundery downpours.

The last of the tomatoes have been picked and the plants composted. We have a few peppers that are still showing promise of ripening but It’s pretty much the end of the summer greenhouse plants. So it is time to clear and clean the greenhouse and prepare it for winter with bubble insulation.

We are sorting through all our old pots and growing containers and throwing out any that are damaged or past their best and really just having a good clear out of what we no longer use, this will give us more a lot more space for growing next year. We are also giving the greenhouse a full wash down with disinfectant to kill off any bacteria that’s lurking about.

There isn’t much to harvest in the kitchen garden at the moment but we have had some celery and some beet leaf this week.


We still have lots of produce growing well in the kitchen garden. The sweet potatoes vines are starting to yellow so they will soon be ready for digging up soon. 

The parsnips, leeks, and celeriac are all getting quite big now so it won’t be long before they are ready.  Our autumn carrot bed is looking promising but it will still be a while before we will be able to enjoy the harvest.

In the rest of the garden it is all about tidying, weeding and of course clearing the abundance of autumn leaves.

We also have some beautiful mushrooms around the garden at the moment, so many different varieties they are quite fascinating with all their different shapes and colours. I wouldn’t dare to try and identify them all.