Super Alliplugs, Allispacers & Corner Adaptors

Super Alliplugs, Allispacers and Corner Adaptors are a clever range of greenhouse accessories which provide a quick and effective method for fixing bubble insulation, polythene or shading to the interiors of aluminium greenhouses...More information

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Super AlliplugsSuper Alliplugs are cleverly designed to simply fit into the channels in the aluminium framework of the greenhouse and lock into place, perfect for securing bubblewrap, polythene and shade netting in place inside the greenhouse. Supplied in packs of 50. 

AllispacersAllispacers used with the Alliplugs the spacers help create an airgap between the glass and bubblewrap to create a double glazing effect. Supplied in packs of 50.


Corner Adaptor

Corner Adaptors these are used with the Alliplugs to make fixing the bubblewrap around the corners of the greenhouse easier. Supplied in packs of 10. 

Installation Advice - for Alliplugs only;

  • Place the bubblewrap, polythene or shade netting against the aluminium greenhouse framework. 
  • Hold the green collar that comes with the Alliplug over the channel in the aluminium framework.
  • Push the Alliplug through the green collar and material so that the lug fits into the channel in the aluminium framework. 
  • Twist the Alliplug to secure the material in place. 
  • The collar prevents the material from ripping during the twisting operation.

Installing Allispacers with Alliplugs;

  • Secure the Allispacers in the aluminium framework to begin with.
  • Place the material over the end of the spacer creating an airgap with the glass.
  • Hold the green collar over the end of the spacer. 
  • Push the Alliplug through the collar and twist to secure in place.

Installing Corner Adaptors with Alliplugs;

  • Clip the adaptor on a corner bar so that it stands proud of the framework.
  • As with the Allispacer above place the bubblewrap over the end of the adaptor.
  • Hold the green collar over the end of the adaptor.
  • Push the Alliplug through the collar and secure in place.   

Top Tips:-

  • For even better Greenhouse Insulation use the Alliplugs with the Allispacers - these give a 25mm airgap between the material and the glass creating a layer of air between the glass and material for a double glazing type effect.
  • Use Corner adaptors for easier installation around the corners of the greenhouse.

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