The garden compost bin is the usual way to make compost for your garden; and this has been used by generations of gardeners. Often tucked away in a secluded corner of the garden; these garden compost bins have never been the most attractive addition to the garden - until now that is.

We have managed to combine performance with looks, and source a great range of effective compost bins, some of which have been designed and manufactured here in our own factory in Lowestoft all of which you will be proud to display in your garden.

The traditional style wooden compost bins come in a wide range of sizes and styles, with up to 1000 litres capacity. Along with innovative compost bins, such as the Hotbin and Aerobin; which speed up the composting process, there is bound to be a style and size perfect for your garden. Remember, if you have nettles putting in an appearance in the garden. Gloves on and put them in the compost heap, they're a great natural accelerator!

Garden composting is easy with our almost effortless and exceptionally quick compostumblers. Compost tumblers can help turn what is traditionally a ten-plus month practice into a 14 day fast-track composting process, spelling an end to back-breaking days turning over a compost heap at the same time!

Simply fill the compostumbler with your organic waste from the garden and kitchen and give the drum a couple of spins once a day. The efficient mixing allows the bacteria to work fast and generates high core temperatures, resulting in usable compost in just two weeks - given the correct mix of material and weather conditions.

Any liquid produced by the composting process - which traditionally leaches into the soil and is wasted - can be collected and used as a high potash feed to encourage flowering of all plants and a good crop of any plant grown for its fruit. 

There's a wide range of tumbler sizes and designs available to guzzle up waste from gardens of all sizes and being an impatient lot we've been busy testing the various new compostumblers in our own Kitchen Garden.

It's also surprising how much compostable material your garden and kitchen produces, ofcourse there's the usual, stems, deadheaded flowers, leaves and spent plants from the vegetable patch, allotment or border but don't forget kitchen peelings, cardboard and newspaper from inside the house. Filling a bin, compostumbler or building a heap is never a problem!"