Essential Tools

Gardening is like any hobby - there are endless tools and equipment you can buy if you have the money to invest however the list of essential equipment for gardening is actually fairly short.  The tools you will need depend to some extent on the size and type of garden you have and the type of plants you wish to grow, but the following you will find likely to be the most useful. 


The Essentials...

Sneeboer Long Handled GroupFork and Spade - You will need these if you have any open areas of soil in which to grow plants.  Light, free draining soils are easy to turn over and you may be able to get away with a garden fork, but for heavier soils and larger areas (such as a vegetable plot) you will need a digging spade as well.

– Essential for all planting jobs.  The trowel should be strongly made and check that the joint between blade and handle will not bend in firm soil.  Also ensure that the trowel has a comfortable handle which does not hurt the palm of your hand when being used.

Rake -
A garden rake is used to level and break down the soil into fine crumbs when seed sowing.  For gathering up leaves in the autumn a sprung-tine rake is necessary.

Hoe - A Dutch hoe with a flat blade is excellent for eradicating weeds amongst seedlings in the flower and vegetable beds.

Secateurs & Shears -
Secateurs are used for pruning jobs and shears for trimming hedges, lawn Sneeboer Short Handled Groupedges and long grass.  When choosing secateurs ensure they are comfortable to hold with an easily operated safety catch.  If you do not have a strong grip you may find ratchet secateurs preferable.  Shears should also be comfortable to used with smooth blades.  For trimming lawn edges use long handled edging shears.

Watering Can & Hose -
A watering can fitted with a fine rose on the end of the spout is useful for watering trays of seedlings and young plants, also plants in containers.  For bigger gardens a hose will be a time and back saver for watering beds, borders and lawns.  For watering large areas a sprinkler is very useful but may require a licence in some areas and beware if you are on a water meter!

Lawnmower & Hedge Trimmer -
Lawnmowers come in all shapes and sizes depending on your requirements.  For a small lawn, a hand push or hover mower would be sufficient however for medium and large lawns power mowers come into their own.  If you have hedges hand shears may be sufficient for clipping small hedges but power trimmers make lighter work.  Make sure the trimmer is strong enough for the job in mind, some cheaper models are only for soft growth and will not be strong enough if used for remotely heavy duty work. 

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