Fruit Cages are becoming very popular additions to the garden as grow your own fruit and vegetable enthusiasts realize that you can actually harvest more of the crops you grow if you protect them from birds and other pests with a taste for something sweet in the garden.

We both design and manufacture fruit and vegetable cages; from the smallest ground-hugging strawberry cage right up to the most ornate decorative walk-in fruit cage, as used at the RHS gardens in Wisley, no less. You can visit the RHS gardens and others around the UK to see the products for yourselves - see our Show Gardens section to find a location near you.

But it's not only the framework we supply, we can provide and offer advice on a huge range of netting with which to cover your cage - from the finest grade insect mesh netting which excludes even the smallest of beetles, right up to an 8cm (3") square anti-pigeon mesh for airborne winter raids.

We've got low level strawberry cages right up to the stunning decorative steel fruit cages in our range so whether it's currants, blackberries or chickens you're looking to keep safe, we're confident we've got a cage to suit. As we both design and manufacture the cages ourselves, we can create a bespoke version of our Steel or Aluminium fruit cages to suit any needs.

We class ourselves as something of experts in the field of netting too - we've been manufacturing netting for 60 years - so whether it's fruit, vegetables or herbs you're growing and birds, butterflies, aphids, deer, badgers, foxes you're trying to keep out, we've got the right grade of garden netting for you.

Finally, don't forget to take a look at our 'Guide to Garden Netting' video that takes you through all the different types of netting we supply and where you would use them, and our introductory 'fruit cage' video clips that appear on each fruit cage product page making your decision on what to buy that much easier!